Learning.com: great for subs, and E-Rate compliance

My lovely fiance gave me a virus last week, and I’ve been out of school a couple of days recovering. Luckily, preparing for a sub isn’t too taxing, especially with my learning.com rosters and assignments already set up for just such an occasion. Post the link on Google Classroom, and bam, finished.

Learning.com offers online lessons with auto-grading. (It also has discussion and journal options). Students watch an animated story and answer questions (multiple choice, fill in the blank, drag and drop) as the plot progresses. Lessons include Cyber-bullying, Blogs, Internet Essentials, Composing Emails, Sending Emails and more. Having students do this while I am away is ideal, because it is easy for any sub to manage, and doesn’t require technical expertise or content knowledge. I know I can’t be the only technology teacher that isn’t comfortable leaving plans that rely on a unknown substitute!

The Ohio Department of Education has purchased this program for use in all pubic K-12 districts (and non-public charters). You can find out if your district has already registered, how learning.com complies with E-Rate and CIPA, and more here. I suggest getting your roster put together and assigning lessons ahead of time, so that when you get sick, it will be quick and easy to get those sub plans finished.

UPDATE: 2 days after publishing this post, I got the following email, which I have permission to share.


There is still time to get your students started with the Easy Tech Online Safety Curriculum. Whether you are preparing for a possible E-Rate audit, needing to offer standards based lessons on cyberbullying and online safety, or just wanting to send additional district personnel to a workshop to learn how to implement it, this upcoming March 7 hands-on workshop is for you.

INFOhio is hosting an additional workshop March 7 from 9-2 on this powerful curriculum and its new mobile app, available for free to ALL Ohio schools, public and private, through the Ohio Department of Education.

Learn how your AUP needs to be revised and about the 3 key pieces of data you need to collect to be ready for an eRate audit! Since 2012 schools have been required to

  • provide education for Appropriate Online Behavior and Cyberbullying for students,
  • state that they are providing the education in their AUP and
  • be able to provide documentation for the lessons to be compliant for eRate requirements.

Learn how the EasyTech Online Safety Curriculum provides the lessons, resources and documentation for these changes at no cost to Ohio schools. Join Tricia Kluener from Ross Local Schools to see how these changes can be implemented in your district.

The Easy Tech Online Safety curriculum not only meets but exceeds those requirements, covering topics on appropriate online behavior, keeping personal information safe and cyberbullying awareness with lessons, journaling and discussions. All the assesments and reporting necessary to meet the national E-Rate requirements for student Internet safety training are included along with a learning management system, a mobile app, and numerous resources for teachers and parents.

In the first semester of this school year 309,876 students across Ohio have been enrolled in the EasyTech Online Safety Curriculum for K-12? There’s still plenty of time to enroll your students!

Find out how you can successfully implement the curriculum in your school the upcoming hands-on workshop, March 7, at OhioNET, 1500 W. Lane Ave., Columbus.

 Register yourself and additional district personnel now at http://onlinesaeftymar72016.eventbrite.com/

To find information on the curriculum and the E-Rate requirements, go to https://www.infohio.org/educators/eptools/internet-safety

To sign your district up for the EasyTech curriculum, go to http://resources.learning.com/acton/form/1499/0144:d-0001/0/index.htm

We recommend that someone in technical support be your district’s key contact on the registration form.

To learn more about this curriculum and see if it’s right for your district before registering, check out INFOhio’s recorded webinar on EasyTech at http://bit.ly/1ECrVt1.