It’s go time! Startup tabs in Google Chrome

If I were a bettin’ man*, I’d bet you’d like to have a personal assistant. Someone to do the time consuming tasks that you’d rather not bother with. One task that I’ve relegated to my personal assistant, Google Chrome, is opening all of the websites I know I’ll need every day.

Once I get to my classroom, after taking off my coat and putting my lunch in the refrigerator, my first official order of business is to get on my computer. I click the Chrome icon, and these tabs pop up: my email, grade book, Google Classroom, and Google Drive.

If you want a specific set of websites to appear each morning for you too, you can follow the steps outlined in the slideshow below. Let me know if you have any questions!


I’m curious. Comment below the websites that you use every day!

*I’m not much of a gambler, and not at all a man.

Argh! I needed that tab!

Ctrl + Shift + T

Ever accidentally close a tab and actually still need it? I make that mistake daily. Ctrl + Shift + T is like a magic wand that returns the tab to my screen and smooths my knitted brow. You can use it to get back up to 10 tabs! Try it in Chrome or Firefox.

Ninja teacher tip: Use it when a student suspiciously closes a tab and looks around to see if anyone noticed.