NEOTech Conference Notes

I attended the NEOTech conference today, and wanted to share what I learned with those of you who couldn’t make it. The entire session listing and resources are here. Below are ones I attended.

Session 1: Turn Up The Tech

Fast paced apps reviews by Angela Wojtecki & Annette Lang. I want to look more into:

  • Quizizz
    • Like Kahoot but not timed
  • NearPod
    • Devices mirror the presentation. With integrated questions.
  • Thinglink
    • Add hotspots linked to other files on to an image
  • Credly
    • Badge Creator
  • JoeZoo Express (Google Docs Add-on)
    • Rubric builder and writing feedback
  • A Web Whiteboard
  • Prism
    • Good for Language Arts. Have students highlight text evidence, teacher gets aggregate results.
  • Zaption
    • Video with embedded questions. Auto-grading.
  • 81 Dash
    • Private chat rooms. Can moderate.
  • Noisli
    • Nature based white-noise.
  • Google Keep
    • Sticky notes to share and keep organized.

Session 2: Using Google Classroom for Professional Development

Maria Kehres

Session 3: Eye on Infographics

Mary Ann Stahr uses Piktochart. Folder and Presentation.

Session 4: Clone Yourself with Screencastify

I presented on Screencastify. It went pretty well! 100% of respondents to my feedback survey said they would “definitely” use skills or ideas gained during the session within the next couple of weeks. All but one reported their skills and ideas for integrating teacher created videos increased. One person wanted more examples and one wanted a comparison with Snagit. I’ll have to consider that if I’m accepted to present for EdCampNEO.

Favorite quotes from attendees:

“You made it very easy to learn!”

“I was able to go into the ballroom where it was quiet and put together a video rather quickly. I would not have been able to do this if it were not for your presentation, thank you very much for your presentation 🙂 ”

Session 5: Let’s Hang Out

Ann Radefeld hosted a mystery Google Hangout. We took turns asking yes or no questions to figure out what state the other class was in. Turns out, Texas. So fun!

End of Day

Sadly, I didn’t win any of the door prizes. But coffee with friends was lovely!

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