Less Stress in 5 steps

Very often, and especially lately, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with my to do list. Though of course it helps that the rapidly approaching changes are positive and exciting, the resulting stress is…still stressful! Here’s my advice to myself (and you!)

Prioritize & Schedule

Looking at each week ahead, block off time for who and what you love. Figure out when you can work toward your goals, both personal and professional. Set up calendar reminders to keep on track. Also leave time for nothing. Let yourself do whatever you feel like doing when that time comes, even if it’s just for 20 minutes.  Stop feeling guilty about tasks that aren’t enriching your life, or helping you meet your goals. Hand them off to someone else or quit them altogether. Another tip: schedule time to worry. Tell yourself, I’m going to think about this when ________. If you’re hyper-time-aware like I am, these ideas may help.

Get silly

Being serious is my default mode, but I’d rather be light-hearted, so I try to be. Last night, I wore a colorful outfit to see the Carol King musical, Beautiful. I laughed in my pink pants, salmon-orange coat and red purse, hand in hand with my black and white clad fiance. Currently, I have that topped.


Not everything’s about the clothes though. I got a game called Little Alchemy on the recommendation of my friend Amy, and it’s awesome! Last weekend Igor and I had fun discussing what kind of dragon’s we’d have as pets. And hanging out with my nieces inevitably involves giggles. What makes you lol? Do more of that.


Exercise is proven as stress relief. I’m doing terrible at this one lately. I should definitely get off the couch when I’m done writing this post. At least I know I’m scheduled to go orienteering Sunday!


I’m meeting friends at orienteering. That’s a one-two punch! Getting together with your favs and family is the best. Talking, texting or video chats help when the physical distance is too great. Make an effort to connect with someone you care about within the next 24 hours.

Ask for Help & Give it too

You don’t have to do it all by yourself. When you’re feeling overly stressed, ask your friends and loved ones to help. My mom is great at party planning. I’m so thankful she’s organizing some of the wedding details for us! Surely you have people that would like to give you a hand. Or would enjoy spending a relaxing hour lending an ear. Giving your time and efforts to others, or to a cause near to your heart, is another great stress reliever. Go, do good.


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