Become a Dictator

You can now talk to a Google Document, and have it type out what you say! Voice typing is very helpful for students who don’t have good keyboarding skills yet. They can get their ideas set down without the physicality of that process holding them back. It’s also simply fun! Try it out yourself. You can even tell it to insert punctuation or a new line.

Google Classroom Updates August 2015

There was another first day of school for me yesterday (best first day ever, so smooth!), and open house in the evening. August 25 was also the date of Google Classroom’s latest updates. In case you, like me, were too busy to check those out right away, here’s a video tour of the newest features. It’s only 3 minutes long, so maybe you can squeeze it in between bells. 🙂

Google Classroom: Getting Started

Thinking about using Google Classroom this year? Do it! It’s really easy and versatile. If you want to learn more, and you’re lucky enough to have already registered, you can come see me present this Friday at the SPARCC Education Conference. But, if you’re unable to make it, you can watch this video series instead.

Go ahead and contact me if you need any more help setting up your Google Classroom!