Pixabay: An oasis of lovely, free images

So, something cool happened this weekend. A children’s book, Mother Goose and Her Goslings, was published on Amazon, and one of my images is in it! You can download it today, for free.

How did this happen?

my Pixabay images

In September 2014, I uploaded 14 photographs to Pixabay. Creating, rather than always consuming, is a value of mine. I shared some photos because I though that other people might want my images to create their own works. Through Pixabay, it is sharing in the truest sense of the word, because the images are copyright-free, using the Creative Commons license that allows for use without attribution. It was very kind (but unnecessary) of the author to ask permission to use my gosling photo, and mention me in the acknowledgements. I am so glad I was able to provide a useful image!

How can I use the site?

  • Download, modify, and use high-quality images
    • without worrying if you are violating copyright law
    • for personal, educational, and commercial purposes
  • You, and/or your students can upload and tag photos for others to find and use
    • Watch that download count go up. It’s so fun! I’m amazed that I have 1,722.
    • Try to predict which photos will be viewed or downloaded most
    • Adjust the tags to make your photos easier to find