What you can expect

Practical tips for using technology to enhance education.


Technological fluency is a set of learned skills. These non-innate skills can be learned by anyone, and provide everyone access to the vast amount of digital information available today. Beyond simply finding the information, evaluating relevancy and credibility is a key tenant. The ability to choose an appropriate application to best fit a purpose and audience is part of being fluent with technology. Finally, technology should not only be used for consumption, but also creation of new content.


I am starting this because I really enjoy helping others become better users of technology. It is truly one of my favorite activities. Sometimes I feel like a kind of evangelist about it! I’ve been encouraging tech use in my own district, Cardinal, in Geauga County, for a while, and more recently started to become more active in the Northeast Ohio EdTech community. I’m ready to reach out to an even wider audience now! It is my hope that this blog will become a valuable resource for educators everywhere and that it will help them become more fluent with technology.